Membership Policy

● Adur Collective Community Land Trust Limited (ACCLT) is a Community Benefit Society
(CBS) registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) no. 8361.
● ACCLT has been set up for the benefit of the community and has a legal asset lock.
Importantly, this means any assets (e.g. properties) of ACCLT can never be cashed in
by or transferred to private individuals or other companies for their own advantage[i].
● ACCLT’s governing document is its Rules
● The members of Adur Collective Community Land Trust control it.
Our Membership rules:
Individual membership

· Open to anyone 18+ living and/or working in Adur.
· Individual members must purchase at least one individual share in Adur
Collective Community Land Trust at the cost of £1 for life.
· Individual members may stand for election to the board.

Business membership

· Open to a business or organisation based or operating in Adur.
· Business members must purchase atleast one business share in Adur
Collective Community Land Trust at the cost £10 for life.
· A representative of the member business may stand for
election to the board.

● There is no limit on the number of shares that can be
bought. For either membership class buying multiple shares is a great way to support the development of
community led affordable homes.
● All members have one equal vote, regardless of the number and type of shares they
● Membership shares have no dividends or bonus value.

Adur Collective/Governance/FirstBoard Written by JC 31/03/2020
Membership Benefits
● Being involved in homes managed or owned by the community
● Opportunities to input into the direction of the CLT
● Stand for election to the board
● Vote on board membership
● Join a task group or housing-need panel
● Receive regular news and event information
● Add your name to the future tenants/owner database
Membership Cancellation
● Members can cancel their membership at any time by informing the Secretary[ii].
● Your membership fee of £1 will be donated to the CLT unless you request a refund.
● Membership will be invalid if an individual/business/organisation no longer
lives/works/operates in Adur.
Adopted 21 April 2020 Amended 7 July 2022
Date for review April 2023

[i] Should Adur Collective CLT cease to exist, all assets must be transferred to another CBS/ Charity/
Community Interest Society that has a similar asset lock.

[ii] Email: or via our registered address:15 Mash Barn Lane, Lancing BN15 9EE


Adur Collective/Governance/FirstBoard  Written by JC  31/03/2020