Major housing challenge for


Adur Collective Community Land Trust (ACCLT) was established to create affordable homes for people living and working in Adur on low to middle incomes and for whom purchasing and renting homes is economically challenging. 

The high cost of buying or renting in Adur is deeply problematic and can impact anyone at any stage of their life.

For example: Dave (not his real name) is an NHS hospital porter whose marriage has sadly broken down.

Dave has to move out of the family home, a Southern Housing rented property which he currently shares with his wife, teenage son and adult step daughter.

Dave has been looking for affordable private rental property options near the hospital so he can continue working. The private rental market is currently managed by letting agents and various agencies who carry out credit checks, property inventories, tenancy contracts and the like.

Dave has two solid character references but the family has experienced some past debt and so Dave has a poor credit score. He has been told he must have a guarantor or he will be unable to secure a private rental property. This is proving difficult as family and friends are not high earners and are somewhat reluctant to take on this legal responsibility.

There is a possibility that Dave may be able to find a room or bedsit via the Spare Room website as these types of listings are posted by individuals or small private landlords who will accept references accompanied by a small, reasonable deposit. This really is proving to be the only option open to Dave as he will not be eligible for rehousing with Southern Housing, as his wife is the main listed tenant.

Dave’s predicament further highlights the need for truly affordable homes with secure tenancy and as case studies from our newsletters and blog show, no one is immune to the housing crisis whether young, old, divorced or single. We currently have no provision for the many people who find themselves priced out of the market,

ACCLT will continue working to bring about change by the provision of secure and affordable community owned homes.