About Us

What is a Community Land Trust?

Community Land Trusts are not-for-profit, community-based organisations that build homes at permanently affordable levels for long-term community benefit.


Our Vision

  • Locally Affordable and Sustainable Homes


Our Mission

  • Own homes and amenities for the community in perpetuity
  • Build and/or renovate homes for rent or lease
  • Be a community led and accountable organisation
  • Contribute to the wellbeing of our residents
How it works

Our Story

Adur (the area defined by Adur District Council boundary) has an acute affordable housing problem.


Following a presentation by the Sussex Community Housing Club in August 2019, a few interested residents and councillors set up a steering committee to work through the legalities of setting up a Community Land Trust (CLT). Community led housing via a CLT addresses the problem of the housing costs by providing high quality and affordable homes .


We are now a fully incorporated Community Benefit Society and members of the National Community Land Trust Network.


We have received an award of a limited budget by Community Led Homes to set up this website.


As a non for profit group accountable to the community we will be working to maximise our finances and limited budget to get the best possible value and quality for money.

The Team



Linda McCanna - Chair

Steve Creed - Vice Chair

Jo Crockett - Secretary 

Lee Cowen - Treasurer

Debs Stainforth - Board Member


Advisors to the Board

William Murray

Members present ACCLT's affordable housing aims Adur and Worthing Council March 2020