South Downs National Park Authority view of the Shoreham Cement Works

Shoreham Cement Works redevelopment MUST include truly affordable housing

By Jo Crockett | 5 December 2022

South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) are holding a public consultation on the Area Action Plan Issues and Options for the redevelopment of Shoreham Cement Works. Most of the site comes under Horsham District Council but there is a small section of the brownfield area of the site designated for housing that falls within the…

Affordable housing blog

Good affordable homes matter

By Editorial Team | 15 November 2022

Adur Collective Community Land Trust (ACCLT) was set up because we believed that thriving communities must have decent, secure homes that everyone can afford – be it to buy or rent.  Young people need to leave home, families need to put down roots for their children’s stability, key workers need to live near their place…

ACCLT Dorothy

Our thanks to Dorothy

By Editorial Team | 15 October 2022

Dorothy has been a strong supporter of community led housing from the start and has generously bought multiple membership shares* to show her support of Adur Collective Community Land Trust (ACCLT).  Although a £1 Membership share is all that is needed to join ACCLT, there is no limit on the number of shares that can…


Major housing challenge for

By Editorial Team | 15 September 2022

Adur Collective Community Land Trust (ACCLT) was established to create affordable homes for people living and working in Adur on low to middle incomes and for whom purchasing and renting homes is economically challenging.  The high cost of buying or renting in Adur is deeply problematic and can impact anyone at any stage of their…

ACCLT Housing

Hearth & Home- a brief history of housing

By Editorial Team | 15 August 2022

An example of council housing in 1960s ACCLT Chair Linda McCanna recently attended a 10 week WEA Course “Hearth & Home a History of Housing” – Local Sussex University professor and geographer Dr Geoffrey Meade ran the course and shared a wealth of knowledge particularly concerning our local Sussex geography and housing history. The course…

Coming home

Coming Home -Tackling the housing crisis together

By Editorial Team | 15 July 2022

The Church of England’s “Coming Home” report on Housing, Church and Community, commissioned by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York was published this February. The report mirrors what Community Land Trusts (CLT’s) up and down the country are saying about the housing crisis and the need for truly affordable homes. ACCLT’s Linda McCanna spoke to…

Finding a rental property

“Even finding a decent rental property is a problem.”

By Editorial Team | 15 June 2022

It’s well known that the lack of truly affordable housing is a real issue for people living and working in Adur. Local council waiting lists are long, the private rented sector is expensive, and insecure. The average house price is higher than the UK average but the average income is lower. We spoke to a young…